Introducing Hamilton
Storage Labware



Our new line of tubes provides hassle-free operation and stability in your automated workflows–increasing storage efficiency and saving your lab time and money.

  • Optimized for Hamilton automated workflows
  • Compatible with standard-density and high-density Hamilton Storage RackWare®
  • Integrates with third-party sample storage systems, liquid handling systems, and decapping devices

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2.0 mL tube not pictured above.


Hamilton Tubes

All tubes are capped, have a 2D bottom barcode, and are available in sterile or non-sterile and in bulk or pre-racked options.


Volume Thread Bulk (Bag) or Racked Quantity
0.3 mL Internal Bulk 960 tubes
0.3 mL Internal SDR-096-01 with Lid 10 racks
0.6 mL Internal Bulk 960 tubes
0.6 mL Internal SDR-096-02 with Lid 10 racks
1.0 mL Internal Bulk 960 tubes
1.0 mL Internal SDR-096-03 with Lid 10 racks
2.0 mL Internal Bulk 500 tubes
2.0 mL External Bulk 500 tubes